Four Things That You May Want To Repair Before Opening Your Pool This Year

Posted on: 24 April 2015

As the weather continues to get warmer, the time to jump in the pool is getting closer. There are many things that you may want to do when opening your pool.  You may want to get it open as soon as possible, but doing repairs is often needed. This can include things like replacing drain covers, repairing filters and pumps, and patching up the surface or liner of your pool. If you want to get the most out of your pool this year, here are some of the repairs you may want to do before you open it:

1. Repairing Or Upgrading The Drain Covers On Your Pool

One of the biggest dangers of pools is the drain. Usually, when a pool is built, a cover is installed on the drain to prevent people from getting caught in it. These older covers can come loose and are sometimes missing. You may want to consider having the drains on your pool updated to be safer and prevent this from happening. You can even have dual drains installed, which will reduce the suction force of the drain if the cover comes loose. This is a great improvement if you have a family with small children that will be swimming in the pool.

2. Improvements And Repairs To Filtration Systems And Pumps

The filtration system is another area where you may want to do repairs and improvements. If you have an older pump, it is likely that it is not on a timer. You may want to consider installing a timer to improve the efficiency of your pool and reduce costs. You can also do things like install sand or salt filtration systems to improve water quality and reduce the use of chemicals in your pool to make it healthier.

3. Replacing Any Damaged Plumbing And Drain Lines

With the use of chemicals like chlorine in your pool, pipes and plumbing can eventually become worn. This means that they may have cracks or leaks in them over time, and sometimes this can cause water loss, reduced water quality and increased costs of maintaining your pool. If you notice any problems with plumbing installation, you can have them repaired before you open your pool. It will be a lot easier to do this now, than to wait until the problems become too big and cannot be fixed until the pool is closed.

4. Repairing Decking, Liners And Surfacing Of Your Pool

Another area that you may want to address is problems with the liners, surfacing and pool decking. If you have a vinyl liner, patching it before the pool is full will be much easier. With decking for your pool, you may want to have it fixed to make your pool area safer. This is also a great time to do repairs to surfacing of your pool if you have plaster or fiberglass.

These are some of the repairs that you may want to do to your pool before you get ready to open it this year. If you are ready to start opening your pool, contact a pool repair contractor and get some of these things done before it is too late. To learn more, contact a business like A & G Pools.