Keeping Your Hot Tub Clean And Comfy

Posted on: 5 May 2015

If you have just bought a hot tub, you will soon be enjoying the relaxing benefits it will provide. There are several steps to take in maintaining your hot tub so it lives up to its potential. Here are some of the basic steps a new hot tub owner should be aware of in order to keep their new luxury item running as it should.

Balancing The Water

The water that comes out of your tap will be used to fill up your hot tub. However, it will need to be altered in order to make the water the right consistency for regular use. The alkalinity, calcium hardness and pH are all parts of the water makeup that will need to be tweaked after you fill up your tub. This is done by testing each with test strips you buy at a pool service supplier or in your local home goods store. When you use test strips, there is a guide on the packaging that will let you know what type of chemical to add depending on the results.

The order you do the tweaking makes a difference in the composition of the water you will get as a result. The easiest way to remember the proper order of test/tweak is to do them alphabetically: alkalinity, calcium hardness and pH testing.

Killing Bacteria

After the water has been tested and changed to the right conditions, it will need to be sanitized to keep any bacteria, algae and impurities out of your hot tub. There are several different methods available to sanitize. The most popular is using chlorine. Other sanitizing methods include using biguanide, bromine, or mineral sanitizers. You only need one method for sanitizing in order to use your hot tub though. Each has its own benefits and disadvantages, so it is best to research these before making your decision on which to use.

Removing Debris

After you have killed all the bacteria in your hot tub, it will need to be removed so your water is not cloudy and/or smelly. The "shocking" procedure is done by using an oxidizer. The type of oxidizer you use will depend on what type of sanitizing method you had used. A pool or hot tub service like Anchor Pools & Spas will be able to help you determine which product you will need to use and they will be able to supply you with the chemicals you need.