How To Maintain A Commercial Pool

Posted on: 24 June 2015

Commercial pool maintenance can be a big task, but it's critical to maintaining the safety of your guests. Here are some tips for keeping your pool operating at top condition. 

Replace Parts Before You Need To

Especially for a commercial pool, it's important to replace parts before they actually break. Keep your pool functional by replacing parts at least once per season. The parts that need the most care are the filters, gaskets, and water gauges. 

Use a Flowmeter

Without the proper tools, it's hard to know how much water is flowing in and out of your pool each minute. This information is crucial because it affects the amount of chemicals you need to use, and it also provides a good clue to when your pump isn't working properly. A flowmeter can be added to almost any filtration system, and some pumps come with the flowmeter attached. 

Consider Using Chlorine Salt

One major gripe for pool maintenance teams is the cost and labor associated with chlorinating the pool. Pool salt is a great alternative because it requires less time to maintain, and it's less hazardous to store. When working with pool salt, be sure to monitor the chlorine levels and add more if there's a significant intake of new water, such as a change in water levels after a lot of rain. 

Buy a Robotic Cleaner

Cleaning the floor of a commercial pool is a time-consuming task, especially since it needs to be done on a daily basis. There are a few options for making the task simpler, but a robotic pool cleaner is one of the most comprehensive. The robotic cleaner can be programmed to learn the size and shape of your pool so that it becomes an automatic process. But, in case the robotic cleaner misses an area of the pool, you should always double-check and use a telepole brush to  reach any unclean areas. 

Consider Pool Management

All of the tasks above can take a lot of time out of a management schedule. When you're stretched for time or simply don't want to add these tasks to your to-do list, consider hiring a good pool management company to do regular maintenance. Besides taking care of routine cleaning and monitoring tasks, pool management companies are a helpful resource in case any larger repairs are needed. For that reason, outsourcing your commercial pool management is a great step for keeping things moving smoothly.