Tips For Remodeling Your Inground Pool

Posted on: 29 September 2016

You love your backyard pool. You've probably enjoyed hours and hours of swimming, pool parties and other water-based fun. However, your once-shiny pool has taken on a lackluster appearance. It's time to remodel your swimming pool. Take this opportunity to create a backyard retreat that inspires your swimming pool love again.

Replace the Liner

Probably the first step in updating your inground pool is replacing the liner. When it comes to inground pool liners, you typically choose between a custom or a prefinished option. The most flexible type of design is a custom concrete or gunite liner. Contractors spray the liner over a contoured and reinforced surface. This type of liner is more common if you're starting from scratch – or replacing an existing concrete liner.

Vinyl and fiberglass liners come in pre-designed shapes. Vinyl tends to be the least expensive option, though it's still durable. With this liner, contractors install a sheet of vinyl between the water and the underlying structure, and then seal it to the edging. Fiberglass liners come as a pre-finished shell that contractors lower into the pool and seal. Fiberglass liners feature a smooth surface that's easy to maintain. Both types of liners come in different colors and patterns that can simulate other finishes, such as pebble or tile.

Install a Spa

If you really enjoy your water sports, consider adding a spa to your pool complex. In fact, the Landscaping Network suggests installing a fiberglass spa. The contractors can install the pre-made fiberglass shell close to the existing pool, or it can be separated by steps for a terraced effect. As the site points out, you can customize your spa installation with jets, lights, seats and arm rests. It's also possible to have a custom gunite spa installed, especially if that's your choice in pool liner replacement.

Add an Outdoor Shower

An outdoor shower is a luxury, but one that can be very useful. At its most basic, an outdoor shower provides a quick method for rinsing off after a swim. However, you can also have the shower designed for actual bathing. If it's just for rinsing off, any corner will do. However, outdoor bathing showers require privacy and a supply of warm water. Either way, you can choose showerhead and tile options that complement the overall style of your backyard retreat.

Landscape Around the Pool

The way to really make your backyard pool stand out is with landscaping. You could have the contractors build planters out of the same material used in the pool decking. You could also design spaces for inground planting. Once you have the design planned, look for ways to add pool-friendly plants – these are lush plantings that don't drop dead leaves into the water.